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exploits.club Weekly Newsletter 10

exploits.club Weekly Newsletter 10

Good morning, afternoon, and evening. Let's get into this week's topics πŸ‘‡

In Case You Missed It...

  • The White House Is Making Memory Corruption Illegal - No, memory corruption in this instance does not refer to the President's mind (low hanging fruit - sorry). In a 16 page document, the administration outlined its "Path Towards Secure and Measurable Software", which mainly calls for a move towards memory safety and an increase in measurability.
  • RingZer0 And NDSS Symposium - Slide decks, papers and training materials are slowly filtering out into the interwebs. We have included a few in the resources section below.

Resources And Write-Ups From This Week:

Interesting Job Postings:

Wrapping Up...

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