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exploits.club Weekly Newsletter 09

exploits.club Weekly Newsletter 09

What's going on ladies and gents, hope everyone is having a better week than the Chinese government and Lockbit. You'd think that if you continuously compromised companies due to poor patch management practices, you'd remember to keep your highly illegal and targeted operation running with an updated version of PHP...guess not. Annnnyways 👇

In Case You Missed It...

  • BlackHat USA CFP Is Open - The deadline for submission is April 10th, and submitters will be notified in mid-June.
  • cve-rs - Now you can introduce memory corruptions into your projects with 100% "safe" Rust code.
  • CVE-2024-21413 PoC - In last week's newsletter, we went over some of the patches from Microsoft's most recent Patch Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, a PoC for the Outlook vuln was released by @xaitax.

Resources And Write-Ups From This Week:

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Wrapping Up...

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