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exploits.club Weekly Newsletter 19

exploits.club Weekly Newsletter 19

Happy Week 19 of newsletters - these things always feel better to write after finding a bug. At least that's what I assume, will confirm after it actually happens. Annnnyways 👇

In Case You Missed It...

  • The FloW Drops PPW - Last week, famous Playstation hacker @theFlow0 posted that he had popped the PS4 with a CVE from 2006. Originally he was planning on dropping all the spicy details at TyphoonCon24, but he decided to drop the PoC early, much to the delight of the 12 year olds blasting his replies.
  • OffensiveCon Agenda - The conference dropped the agenda for this week, so you can finally decide how early you have to drag your hungover self out of bed. If you are headed out to the conference, feel free to hop in our Discord (link below) to meet-up with some of the other members of the exploits.club community.
  • QCSuper - "QCSuper is a tool communicating with Qualcomm-based phones and modems, allowing to capture raw 2G/3G/4G (and for certain models 5G) radio frames, among other things."

Resources And Write-Ups From This Week:

Interesting Job Postings:

Wrapping Up...

As always, thanks for stopping by. We here at the club are always trying to improve so if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to shoot us a DM on X (or just drop us a follow if you are feeling generous).

We are thinking about putting together a run of hoodies and stickers... because you're not a real hacking collective until you have matching hoodies and stickers. Interested? Let us know.

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